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Known as an alternative therapy in Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupressure is a type of massage that is increasingly studied and used in the world. It was born from the encounter between Acupuncture and Reflex Therapy, and can be practiced individually by anyone, at home and without professional help. The technique consists of massaging points or path of Acupuncture meridians in the body, which generate reflexes to pain, stress, tension, anxiety, among others.

Such application can be performed with the hands, thumbs, elbows and eventually even with the feet. The pressure tends to be firm, for a few seconds, followed by the release of the stitch. As specific points must be massaged, the guidance of the acupuncturist is necessary for the correct stimulation to be carried out.

Acupressure promotes muscle relaxation, increased local circulation, release of muscle trigger points (myofascials) and release of endorphins. By Traditional Chinese Medicine, it unblocks the channels and Acupuncture points, causing the Qi ("energy") to circulate freely throughout the body, restoring the functioning of the body, promoting "self healing".

Widely used in China for thousands of years as a form of “self-treatment”, it can be indicated for patients with needle phobia (children and adults) and to be performed at home as a complement to the treatment in the clinic.

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