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Moxa or moxibustion therapy is a traditional Chinese treatment method and has been around for over three thousand years. Moxa (artemisia vulgaris) also known as mugwort herb is widely used in acupuncture treatments.

Moxa is sold in cigar form, cone shape or as a loose herb. The application of moxa is carried out in flames and the herb is held just above the skin. The released heat penetrates deep into the Acupuncture points and stimulates the flow of energy (Qi).

The form of application can be direct or indirect. In direct moxibustion, the moxa cone rests on your body at the point of treatment. The acupuncturist lights the cone and lets it burn slowly until your skin starts to turn red. When you start to feel heat, the practitioner the cone is removed.

Indirect moxibustion is used most often. It is also a safer option as the red-hot moxa will not touch your skin. The acupuncturist holds the wand about an inch from the body. It removes it as soon as your skin is red and hot. Dami Acupunctuur & Welzijn uses this second form of application.

This technique helps to remedy many physical and mental complaints. This is due to the feeling of relaxation that therapy immediately provides. In the Netherlands, moxa therapy is widely used to reduce the risk of breech presentation during pregnancy.

Moxa therapy can be used in conjunction with other traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine treatment methods. For example: Chinese herbal treatments, Regular medical treatments, certain forms of medication, Psychiatric treatments, counseling on nutrition and exercise, Cups.

Treats the following symptoms and several others

Types of treatments



There are several types of moxa: stick, cone, wool and charcoal. And each type has a specific usage technique.

The technique with the stick moxa consists of the acupuncturist bringing the red-hot stick close to the skin, always 1 cm apart. Note the maximum sensation of heat that the patient reports and move the stick away. From this point onwards, apply the moxa 7 times in a row, for 5 seconds each application.


Needle acupuncture and Moxa

This technique is known as “Heated Needle” and consists of, after applying the Acupuncture needle to the patient, bringing the lit moxa (such as a stick moxa) closer to the needle.Then, the technique is performed, moving the moxa apart and bringing it closer, as described in this website.

It is important to emphasize that the heat given off by the moxa will be transmitted by the metallic body of the needle, which contributes to increase its effectiveness.

Moxa zelf behandeling

Home oriented use

Did you know that Moxa can be applied by yourself and at home?

Dami Acupunctuur & Welzijn advises its clients to apply Moxa at home, in case there is a need for continued treatment. Generally, the necessary material is provided, with basic instructions for use.

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If you are unable to attend, please cancel your appointment at least 12 hours in advance, otherwise an appointment fee will be charged.

Your first appointment?

During the first visit (approximately 2 hours), we will conduct an assessment where we will discuss your main health concerns, review your health history, answer questions, and give you your first treatment. 

Bij Dami’s Acupunctuur & Welzijn maken wij tijdens het eerste consult altijd een tonganalyse. De observatie van de tong is een van de belangrijkste onderdelen van de Chinese diagnostiek.

During a tongue analysis, we can evaluate changes in color, shape, movement and coating lingual. This allows the Acupuncturist to observe changes in the body so that the treatment can be adjusted according to what was evaluated.

Therefore, we ask that you consume colorful food and beverages up to 2 hours before your appointment. This may affect the results of the tongue analysis. Water consumption is allowed.

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To monitor your and my health, we take the following measures:

  • The use of a mask is mandatory during the consultation, please bring your own mask.
  • Use the disinfectant gel at the entrance;
  • We kindly ask you to remove your shoes upon entering.
  • If you or someone close to you (in the last 24 hours) has complained of a cold, fever, cough and/or shortness of breath, you should stay home. Call to reschedule the appointment;
  • If you are infected, you cannot return to the clinic for 14 days after recovery. Call to discuss the possibilities;
  • Before and after each treatment, the treatment room is completely cleaned and disinfected;  

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