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A vibrational technique that aims to balance the body's energies through the irradiation of colored lights on Acupuncture points.

It is a vibrational technique that aims to balance the body's energies through the irradiation of colored lights on Acupuncture points.

It is important to differentiate here from Colortherapy or Chromotherapy, which also uses colors, but are applied to larger areas and not points.

For Cromopuntura, a copper chromatic stick is used, which has a quartz crystal at the tip. Put the colored medals in place and combine them. There is electric and battery.

In Colortherapy or Chromotherapy, we use larger colored lights, covering a larger area.

Visible light has been used as a therapy for humans for many years. Studies show that visible rays work not only with the physical aspect, but also with the mental and spiritual aspects of man. By restoring harmony to these three aspects, a person becomes complete.

According to Peter Mandel, the creator of Cromopuntura, applying a certain colored light to the skin's energetic points, that is, with a certain wavelength, this color, by resonance effect (ie, through vibration), sends information to the brain that coordinates the organs of endocrine production (q produces hormones).

The brain, upon receiving adequate information, which were deficient due to the disease, returns it to the body, restoring harmony. Solves the physical disorder.

It is important to emphasize that the person's conscience also influences the treatment with light, that is, the person also has to be willing to receive this therapy, so that the desired effects are achieved.

Pode-se dizer que a Cromoterapia é uma terapia que ensina o corpo a falar novamente consigo mesmo!

Cromopuncture pen

The main colors used in Cromopuntura are:

 Red: warm, positive color, has greater penetration power and has a dilating effect. Indication: colds, bronchitis, anemia, chronic diseases, rheumatic pain, asthma, laryngitis, diarrhea. Contraindication: hypertension, high fever, choleric temperaments

Orange: invigorating, it is a stimulant of the respiratory system, increases optimism, sexual tonic, promotes a feeling of well-being, increases appetite. Indication: hyperthyroidism, prevention of malignant tumors, menstruation interruption, gallstones. It has no contraindication

Yellow: it is a CNS stimulant – it acts successfully in cases of physical, emotional and mental fatigue, acts on states of depression. Indication: tired liver, muscle rheumatism, eczema, headaches and migraines. Contraindications: alcoholism, mental excitement, hysteria, heart palpitations, acute inflammation

Green: is the color of balance, the most important color for healing. Soothes nervous tension, regenerates physically and mentally, changes ideas. Indication: insomnia, back pain, irritability, hemorrhoids, venereal disorder, arthritis, arthrosis, osteoporosis. It has no contraindication

Turquoise Blue : It is calming and refreshing. Induces Peace. Considered a “cold” color. Indication: headaches, vomiting, toothaches, epilepsy, insomnia, burns, stomach ulcers. Contraindication: flu, colds, hypertension, cold, rheumatism, colds

Indigo (indigo blue): : it is astringent and anesthetic. Indication: pain in general, appendicitis, sinusitis, facial neuralgia, cataract, nosebleeds, ringing in the ears, otitis, lack of taste, promotes awareness. There is no contraindication

Violet: is the highest frequency color in the light spectrum. It makes finding new paths for Spirituality. Harmonizes all the organs of the body. It lessens anguish and fear, eliminates hate and irritability

Magenta: is a color both Yin and Yang, it balances disharmonies in general

The application of the chosen color at the right spot usually takes 30 seconds to 1 minute.

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